Rick Fraterman Art


Rick Fraterman, born in 1980 in Enschede the Netherlands is currently living in Guiyang, China with his boyfriend and their three cats.

About my work

"The human condition is defined as the positive or negative aspects of being human, such as birth, growth, reproduction, love, and death. The word 'condition' makes it sound like a disease that we are all born with, or some curse that is the fate of all humanity, but it seems the human condition is simply based on time - the time we have on this planet and how we as humans live out that time. What we do in between the inevitable birth and death defines us, and there in the middle, we find the making of stories that will be carried on for generations to come."

I visualise my own personal stories with figurative paintings, architectural models, objects and drawings. Additional items and objects are added to create a more layered and diffused narrative. The works are mostly a result of endless scrolling on the internet, combining the gathered material with other gathered content matter.

I like viewers to recognize and enjoy what they see. Stimulate the eyes with bright and vivid colors. These works should look as attractive as possible. They should give you the feeling that you're walking through a candy store, where everything smells sweet.

Seeing it from my perspective, I have this eager need to make things look better, nicer, more innocent, less hostile, highly well executed, approached with a bit of humor, less depressing and more frivolous. This doesn't automatically count for the subjects as well. But! I don't want to be too explanatory about what viewers need to see. As the director Alfred Hitchcock has said: "Ideas come from everything". Let's say we all have our specific motives to act the way we do and struggle ourselves through time.


2011 – 2013 | Bachelor of Art Education | ArtEZ University of the Arts | Zwolle, The Netherlands

2002 – 2005 | Bachelor of Fine Art | ArtEZ University of the Arts | Zwolle, The Netherlands

1998 – 2001 | Architecture | University of the Arts Constantijn Huygens | Kampen, The Netherlands


2021 | Guangzhou International Public Art Fair | Guangzhou, China

2021 | Motion | LIKE SPACE | Guiyang, China

2021 | Freed From Desire | Y Space | Guangzhou, China

2021 | To Pieces | Macro Pixel Gallery | Guiyang, China

2015 |Summer Expo Furious | ArtWorlds and Kunstmuseum Den Haag | The Hague, The Netherlands

2009 | Art Night 2009 | bART and Gallery Majke Hüsstege | ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

2008 | 5 Years bART | bART, DMT-loods | ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

2008 | Nobody is ever lost. | Stichting P/////AKT | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2007 | Porn Festival - About erotics in art | Kleine Koppel 31 | Amersfoort, The Netherlands

2007 | W139/Basement | Post CS Gebouw etage -1 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2006 | New Inheritors 1 | bART, Bank van Leening | s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

2006 | No Title | Café Het Bolwerk | Enschede, The Netherlands

2005 | Final Exam Exhibition | ArtEZ University of the Arts | Zwolle, The Netherlands

2003 | No Title | Theological University | Kampen, The Netherlands

2003 | No Title | Café Het Bolwerk | Enschede, The Netherlands


May 2021 | 扎嗡堆Gathering | 他在画里留住了童心与梦境 | WeChat Article

April 2021 | 雷达Radio | 贵阳青年为什么这么忙?| WeChat Article

March 2021 | 傲夫AOFU | Rick Fraterman 作品 | WeChat Article

May 2017 | Cultuur in Enschede | Kunst van Enschede | Deze week Rick Fraterman

September 2015 | Villa Next Door | Zomerexpo 2015 | By Bertus Pieters

November 2011 | ArtEZ Fact Nr 3 2011 | Friends? Over vriendschap in de kunst.

December 2009 | NRC Next | Herbruiksels, creatief met een wasbak. | By Marleen Luijt

February 2008 | 8Weekly | De tentoonstelling als B-film | By Maarten Steenhagen

April 2007 | Volkskrant | Typisch geval van softporno. | By Joost Ramaer

April 2007 | geenstijl.nl | Amersfoort gristenbolwerk! | By Brusselmans

March 2006 | Bastion Oranje | Kunstveiling bART via internet


2009 – 2010 | Start Stipend for Emerging Artists | Mondrian Fund | Amsterdam, The Netherlands


2015 | Rijksstudio Award Top 75 | Rijksmuseum | Amsterdam, The Netherlands